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Sofia's Story Continued...

From a very young age, Sofia's father, Frank, taught her to believe that hard work and saving money would get her far in life. He began to implement those lessons by having her participate in house chores and backyard work for a little bit of money each week. He knew that with time, she would learn the concept of working hard for her money.

In addition to earning a weekly allowance, Frank taught Sofia how to save for items that she would want to buy later. Thus, he implemented the idea of savings by teaching her to split her earnings in half- one half would be spending money and the other would go towards savings.

Sofia began her first savings account when she was 14 and to this day continues to increase her wealth. She began working at the age of 14 by securing a successful and enjoyable babysitting job with her neighbors. Two years later, she earned her first summer job position in a retail store and then branched out to experience many other positions within the next couple years.

In the spring of 2020, a position opened up at Oak Wealth Management and Frank presented an opportunity that she couldn't refuse. Sofia joined the Oak Wealth Management team in June 2020 as a Marketing Assistant and looks forward to growing her knowledge and creative abilities. She attended Diablo Valley College for two years and then transferred to UC Santa Barbara. In July of 2023, Sofia graduated from UCSB with a bachelor's degree in Communication. She is passionate about marketing and event planning. She cannot wait to see where her passion takes her.