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The Oak Wealth Management Mission

Our mission at Oak Wealth Management is simple: To provide clients with a high level of personalized service in a comfortable, caring, and relaxed atmosphere where we present objective advice which can help our clients reach their goals and dreams.

Our first goal is to understand you. What is important to you? Who is important to you? What would you like to achieve and by when?

From there the experienced professionals at Oak Wealth Management develop customized strategies and solutions with the objective of helping you get to where you want to be. We explain those strategies and solutions to you in plain language. For many of our current clients the journey focuses on income or growth. Some clients prefer to protect and preserve their wealth while others are more interested in strategies for passing their wealth on to their heir’s tax efficiently. As time goes by, refinements will be made to your plans to keep them on course in pursuit of your goals.

At Oak Wealth Management we are passionate about helping to provide clarity to your financial objectives and direction toward your goals and dreams. Our guidance is independent and delivered with integrity and reliability always keeping your needs at the forefront.

Contact us today or schedule a visit to our Walnut Creek, CA office for a complimentary portfolio review and consultation.