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Wealth Management

Our first step is to analyze your risk tolerance using Riskalyze software to determine your risk score. From there we will build your investment portfolio based on your specific goals, objectives, financial timeline, and risk tolerance. Every client is unique and requires highly customized investment management services.

We examine and review established investment portfolios and provide our recommendations for improvement, if and when necessary. If you’re looking to develop an investment portfolio, we do the in-depth research and present you with a comprehensive action plan. Our plan development is founded on a very thorough understanding of your circumstances, your objectives, and the financial sector.

Our professionals regularly monitor your portfolio, conducting periodic reviews to assure your strategy stays on track.

Our investment management services include: 

 Fiduciary Asset Management:

~Using various asset allocation strategies

Structured Products:

~FDIC Market Linked CDs

~Non-FDIC Insured Notes

Alternative Investments:

~Real Estate Investment Trusts


College Planning:

~529 College Plans

~Educational IRAs


~Immediate Income


~Fixed Indexed



Traditional Investment Products: 

~Mutual Funds