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Creating a life map involves a close review of personal finances and an assessment of other building blocks. A good lifestyle is about determining how to balance work and leisure, how to make smart choices for the future, and many other items in an effort to help an individual “enjoy the journey.”

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Building your Legacy:

Article: Building your Legacy

The desire to leave a legacy may be the height of altruism for it is a gift to the future, the benefit where you may never witness, nor feel its appreciation by others. Creating your legacy does not happen overnight, and it doesn’t come without a strategy and hard work.

1. You should have an end in mind before you begin, which involves creating a vision.

2. Determine your legacy by thinking about impact you want and wish to make.

 3. Develop a strategy because a legacy will not happen without a blueprint and the persistent pursuit of your objective.

4. Live your legacy because a legacy is not only what you leave behind, but the impact you make on others while alive that they carry into the future.

Financial Hierarchy of Needs:

Slide Presentation: Managing Your Lifestyle 

Managing your lifestyle is all about making smart choices. Each lifestyle decision you make, from your choice of a home, to what you drive, to how you spend your leisure time, has an impact on your overall financial situation. We’ll take a look at how smart strategies can enhance your lifestyle while at the same time potentially freeing up assets to invest for the long term. 

As we approach lifestyle choices, it is useful to take a look at Maslow’s famous “hierarchy of needs” diagram. Maslow placed lifestyle choices on an ascending scale of importance—from basic needs to peak experiences—that bring emotional satisfaction. Approaching our lifestyle choices in this way can help us separate our needs from our wants.