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Katie's Story Continued...

Katie was born and raised in the East Bay, where she attended Pleasant Hill Elementary, Pleasant Hill Middle School, and College Park High School. Growing up, she was unsure what her path in life would turn out to be. At one point, she wanted to be a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist to help children and families find healthy lines of communication. However, the wise words of her grandfather always stuck with her. He frequently told her that he could envision herself as a banker due to my fascination with money. Eventually, she opened her first savings account in the early 90s.

From a young age, Katie had a deep passion for hard work. When she was 14, she began working at a mom & pop coffee shop in her neighborhood until she was 16 and became eligible for employment at Starbucks. Katie applied right after her 16th birthday and worked through graduation. In 2004, she worked at an independent mortgage banking firm as an assistant to the funding department and then to a startup coffee shop in 2005. While making the daily deposits for one of the shops, she befriended the business banker and merchant teller at the local Wells Fargo who talked her into applying for a position in 2006. She became a teller at Wells in Pleasant Hill where she met Frank. He recruited her from the teller line within her first year. They worked together at Wells from 2007 to 2014. Katie left Wells in 2014 with Frank to support and help open Oak Wealth Management. She worked at OWM up until 2018 before moving to Houston with her husband.

Her departure from OWM was incredibly fast. It was hard to leave Frank and their clients, the thriving business that she had helped create, and the East Bay where her entire extended family lives. She had never been to Houston until they flew in to buy their home, which they had three days to purchase on that trip. Upon arriving and moving into her new home, she got pregnant with her son almost immediately who was born January of 2019. Then, she had her daughter Emma in April of 2020. Katie became a stay-at-home mom of two kids and a cute Frenchie named Stella. 

Frank surprised her with a call in December of 2022 to offer her a part time role in the business, which she excitingly accepted. She is thrilled to rejoin the workforce at a company that she believes in and to reconnect with her coworkers and the clients.