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Frank's Story Continued...

Frank is a California native and grew up in San Francisco.  He moved to the east bay in 1983.  He grew up with the desire to work in a career that would have a deep and meaningful impact on the lives of the people around him. 

At the age of 13, Frank began working multiple jobs in the city to diversify his experience, learn different things, and earn money for his first car. Even at a young age, Frank adhered to a tight schedule that included school, playing baseball, and working because he lived by the philosophy that he was too young to be tired. 

When he reached the age of 18, Frank bought his first stock. He was so excited to watch the value in his stock go up that it motivated him to immerse himself in the financial field. From this, he strove to help other people in his same position to be financially successful and to pursue their financial goals.

Fresh out of college, while on a fast-track officer development program at a bank, Frank spoke with a financial advisor there that helped him forget about his childhood fantasies of becoming a police officer or baseball player. He knew that helping people pursue whatever was important in their lives as a financial advisor  was important and was what he wanted to make his life work.  He chose this profession because of the positive impact he could have with people who struggle with their finances. 

For the better part of two decades, Frank worked for other financial institutions, but he later built his own firm. On February 14th 2014, he founded Oak Wealth Management, LLC with the goal of providing independent financial advice on a variety of financial topics in a friendly environment to better serve his clients.  He wanted to create an extraordinary client experience – an experience that his clients would embrace.  He always saw his clients as an extension of his family which is what led him to create a more familial experience. 

Frank’s journey highlights the true meaning of hard work, dedication, and focus on his dream.  Oak Wealth Management, LLC was built on the foundation of destiny, passion, and love with the intention of creating a personalized and remarkable client experience thereby giving its client's families the financial care they want, need, and deserve.