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Fall Fruit Salad


  • Fuyu persimmons - ripe but firm - 3

  • Pomegranate - ripe - 1

  • Kiwi Fruit - ripe but not too soft - 3

  • Vanilla or plain or fruit flavored yogurt for dressing if desired 1 cup


(Servings: 4 to 6 more or less)



Wash and dry ripe but fairly firm Fuyu persimmons. These are the rounder type that can be eaten while firm. Peel if desired or leave peel on if preferred. Slice into rounds horizontally producing a star pattern.


Wash and peel kiwi fruit. Slice horizontally into rounds producing a pattern.


Seed pomegranate however you like. You can use already prepared seeds but I’ve found they usually aren’t as fresh. Try for suggestions on seeding.


Arrange persimmon and kiwi slices on serving plate. Sprinkle persimmon seeds around them as desired. Serve with a spatula or other flat serving utensil. Provide yogurt of your choice in separate bowl with spoon to place on servings of salad.